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JASTAA offers comprehensive design services. We perceive architecture as a complex structure, which deliberately shows coherence of the whole building with its interior. We work with our clients at every stage of the project: starting from the first ideas for new activities, through further analysis, concepts, construction and implementing projects until the supervision and coordination of the final construction works. We believe that the design process should provide the customers with more than just drawings and documents. From the first meeting, we ask the questions: What is the purpose? For whom we design? What is the past of the building, and what future will we design for it? How much does it cost and where can we get the funds? There is no ultimately right answer, nor do we want to put ourselves in a position of the all-knowing authority. Therefore, we developed a model of a cooperation with our clients based on dialogue, partnership and trust. Occasionally, we can be painfully honest, but at the same time we won’t rest until we have analyzed all the possible options and ways to solve the most challenging design problems. Regardless of their scale. Because the spread of the substring is as much important as the colour of the pot. We are sensitive to the space. We take responsibility for it.


PROGRAMMING We develop scenarios which include various functioning options of given area or facility at different times of the day, week or year.
The context of time.

ANALYSIS We analyze the possible spatial arrangements and their impact on the functioning of given area. The context of space.

OUTLINE PROPOSAL The most creative part of the job. We present a coherent concept of the building and its interior in the form of sketches, visualization, drawing and even animation and comics.

BUDGETING We estimate budget assumptions together with the client. We are not afraid to talk about money.

CONSTRUCTION PROJECT We provide clients with the multidisciplinary documentation of the project. We manage the efficient completion of the formal - legal process regarding building permit and all the necessary arrangements.

OPTIMIZATION We perform the project’s verification based on the analysis of the budget. Pricing includes a one-time correction of the project after the analysis of the budget proposal by the investor.

EXECUTIVE DRAFT We provide all the executive drawings necessary to carry out the finishing works on the construction site. Details, statement.

SUPERVISION We perform the supervision over the project’s implementation in the form of visits to the construction site and consultations with suppliers and contractors if required by the customer. Each visit is documented in the form of photographs and a report sent by e-mail.